How I store store my seed phrases for eternity, a less painless approach or manual

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Hello dear Hodlers,

here one method of storing seed phrases on metal plates for a rather long time horizon. “Eternity” in the heading was just click bait, sorry for fake info. I learned some things that will seem obviouse for most, but I had to learn it the hard way #hammerHurtDuhh. I basically decided that my seed phrases consisting of 12 or 24 words on a sheet of paper are not safe enough for me. I was never sure whehter ppl such as friends, cleaning lady or who ever could accidently find my complete phrases and well… the rest is dystopie for me. Furhermore I was worried of losing the paper sheet with the seed phrases itself due to it aging or house burning down or what ever.

I decided to split my seed phrases up into two parts and carving the seed information onto two metal plates. One metal plate stores the order of the original seed phrase, the other metal plate will store all 12-24 words in a disordered manner. You would need both plates for decyphering. If you want to restore your wallet and one plate is missing you are effed! A quantum computer would still need like ages to get the order straight even with all words available. Safety goes up somehow by storing the two plates decentralized at two different places, but risk of losing one piece is basically doubled. A prime example of a tradeoff and contradicting targets.

Here an example with a fictional 3 word seed phrase: #1: phone #2: universe #3: leg

Plate #1:

#1: 2

#2: 1

#3: 3

Plate #2:

#1: universe

#2: phone

#3: leg

Reconstructing the seed words:

#1 from plate #1 leads to seed word 2 on plate #2: phone

#2 from plate #1 leads to seed word 1 on plate #2: universe

#3 from plate #1 leads to seed word 3 on plate #2: leg

Since I needed to store seed phrases for 3 Wallets, this makes 6 steel plates for me. Here are some pics from the tooling and setup I used. After some hammering the plate starts bending, a vice would be advice but not 100% necessary. Actually I started differently, but the engraved words did not look very clean and I hit my thumb one or two time too often… To safe you the pain maybe you wanna start here. My GF thinks I am 100% crazy by doing this, what do you think? Too much overthinking and over engineering here?

EDIT: Here some more pics: [](

[Tools needed for engraving seel metal plate](

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