Why do you chose to invest in Bitcoin, and not X-other coin?

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1 – Many other alts are pre-mined. Many pre-mined coins end in a rug pull.

2 – The number of node operators. Proof of Stake coins usually require a large amount of coins to operate a node. This leads to fewer nodes and more centralization.

3 – The majority of the other coins have a “head figure” lile a CEO. When governments go after a blockchain they can they the head figure with prison time unless they make a compromise. They could actually imprison the head figure. Either way ot would cause problems for the blockchain.

4 – Bitcoin actually has a purpose store of value/money. You wouldn’t invest 100k in Chuck E Cheese token because you like the company. Many people are doing that with alt coins. They are buying coins that serve no function. What is the purpose of a Doge coin? Polkadot? Solana?

5 – BTC has no smart contracts. Since anyone can write a smart contract, many scammers have spent time writing malicious smart contracts designed to steal crypto. This will eventually lead to those blockchains being targeted by the government due to rampant fraud.

6 – Bitcoin has a hard cap and the BTC printer can’t be turned on after 21 mil. Other sh!t coins have a supply limit regulated by just a few people. (Ethereum).

7 – anyone who operates a Bitcoin node gets a vote. This doesn’t happen in other alt coins.

8 – small block size ensures the hardware requirements will not exceed technology in the next future. Some blockchains like ETH already require a hard drive double the capacity of BTC and have only been around for half as long as Bitcoin. This will eventually lead to the number of nodes decreasing overtime as the cost of hardware to operate a node increases. It could also be possible that the blockchain outpaces the size limitation of available hardware in the future.

9 – Proof of stake leads to the rich getting richer as the crypto slowly filters up. BTC is proof of work and doesn’t have this issue.

10 – Bitcoin has survived multiple forks and the test of time.


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