“When you inflate a currency the middle class gets wiped out. If you want to help the economy you need to study monetary theory.” – RonPaul

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Yes, but.

It needs to be better understood that economics is a soft science like psychology. It is not a hard science.

In physics, you can measure the speed an apple falls from a tree over and over again and you’ll get the same result.

In economics you can measure the economy all you want and the best you can ever do is hopefully have multiple indicators pointing to similar things. But, and say it with me: “Past performance does not indicate future performance!”

I can respect some things about Ron Paul, especially his consistency and how he is an actual conservative (limited, efficent government, low taxes, and personal responsibility). But his son is full of shit. Rand Paul can lick my asshole, he’s not a conservative in the slightest (either am I but I never said I was and won office). Rand Paul knows economic theory but doesn’t care because his job is to spout cockamamie bullshit his dumbfuck radicalized constituents want to hear. He wants power which means he doesn’t deserve it. Ok /rant.


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