Sarah Paulson And Sandra Bullock Once Bonded Over This Sad Experience

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  • Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson formed a close friendship while working together on Ocean’s 8 and Bird Box, supporting each other through both good and bad times.
  • Sandra initially hesitated to take on her role in Bird Box but may have been influenced and encouraged by Sarah’s support.
  • Sandra expressed her appreciation for Sarah during a speech at an event, highlighting their strong bond and the positive impact of close female friendships on women’s health.

Sandra Bullock has a had a long and distinguished career in Hollywood and has worked with some of the biggest names, like Keanu Reeves, with whom she has great conversations whenever they work together, and Ryan Gosling, whom she also dated early in his career.

Back in 2018, Sandra Bullock ended up working with Sarah Paulson in two movies, Ocean’s 8 and Bird Box. Although only Ocean’s 8 became one of her highest-grossing movies at the box office, working together with Sarah Paulson meant that she made a close friend who would see her through some good and some very bad times.

Sandra Bullock And Sarah Paulson Co-Starred In Ocean’s 8 And Bird Box

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson were both household names by the time they starred in Ocean’s 8 and Netflix’s Bird Box. Sarah’s fame was intrinsically linked to American Horror Story, a show which showcased her incredible acting range.

Both movies saw the two stars play characters who were close.

Although Sarah’s character in Bird Box dies early in the movie, she spends most of her scenes in Sandra’s company.

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By the time the two women were filming this movie, they had already bonded on the set of Ocean’s 8 and discovered they had a lot in common.

Fans may wonder if Sarah helped Sandra accept her role in Bird Box, which she initially did not want to take on.

Speaking to Deadline Magazine, Sandra explained why she had been reluctant to star in the Netflix movie.

“I don’t relate to someone who doesn’t want to be a mother; I don’t relate to someone who isn’t warm and can’t love freely,” she said, referring to her character’s fear of becoming a mother in the movie.

Sandra And Sarah Are Close Friends

Sandra Bullock Red Carpet

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson developed a genuine friendship with each other after working on these two movies.

Their friendship came at a time in Sandra’s life when she could use all the support from her friends. In 2018, Sandra not only lost two of her beloved dogs, but her father also passed away on September 18.

Despite her heartbreak, Sandra Bullock decided to attend an event organized by Elle simply because her friend was also in attendance, and The Independent reported that she had prepared a speech in support of Sarah, who was one of the actors the magazine wished to honor.

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Naturally, the sad events in Sandra’s life received attention at the event, so she quietly acknowledged what had happened.

“It’s been a crappy few weeks. My dad died, both of my dogs died,” she said to the audience.

“You turn on the television or computer, and it’s endless tragedies. And it seems like more than ever now, if you have a vagina, you have to be a fighter as well,” she continued, according to the Independent.

However, being there for a close friend was a way for Sandra to heal.

Sandra Used Her Elle Women In Hollywood Speech To Highlight What She Hates About Sarah

Sarah Paulson is a guest on The Tonight Show

However, Sandra decided to ditch her pre-written speech and ad-lib her accolades about her friend. As reported in the same article in The Independent, she jokingly decided to talk about the things she hates about Sarah.

“So I decided tonight I’m going to talk about all the things I don’t like about Sarah,” she said. But then the actress surprised absolutely no one when she started listing the ways in which Sarah had been a great friend to her and had inspired her time and time again.

“I don’t like that she’s the kind of person that after a long day of flying and fittings will sit in your hotel room after you believe she has nowhere else to go, when in fact she is fully aware that you’ve been stood up, and she doesn’t want you to be alone,” she said, offering an example of a thing she “hates” about her friend.

According to the same source, Sandra also told the audience about Sarah’s thoughtful gift after she had to put her dog to sleep.

“Just like I didn’t like the dozens upon dozens of roses with little white poppies intermingled in them, mere hours after I put my dog to sleep, whose name happens to be Poppy,” she said.

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Sandra, who was later joined on the scene by Sarah, also mentioned how close her family was to her, quipping, “Sarah Catharine Paulson, she likes when you use her middle name, or Powell-son, as my 5-year-old calls her.”

Before she concluded her speech in support of her friend, Sandra explained why deep friendships, like the one she shares with Sarah, are something every person needs in their life, saying that having a close female friend is very good for women’s health.

“They provide support systems that help each other deal with the stress and difficulties in life, physically,” she explained, adding “This quality girlfriend time helps create more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps combat depression and create a general feeling of well-being,” reported The Independent.

In response, Sarah thanked her and acknowledged her presence at the event, saying, “I really do know how much you hate to leave the house. I do actually know what a big deal it is.”

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