Jasmy Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Every day things are coming online. It is not just computers and mobile phones anymore, making this Jasmy price prediction a good balance between growth and value. The race in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector is heating up and dragging in the names of almost every major consumer electronics manufacturer. 

Jasmy is appealing to growth-oriented investors who appreciate the potential of IoT as the connective tissue that brings together cloud and AI markets and tethers to devices. The token is also more reasonably valued – making a case for Jasmycoin price prediction. Here is the complete Jasmy coin price prediction 2025: 

Jasmy Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this Jasmy coin price prediction 2025, the JASMY coin was trading at $0.01931 according to data available on coinstats.app. It delivers the best value and growth potential for investors right now with a market cap of $92.3 million, fully diluted to nearly $1 billion. 

Jasmy offers a platform that makes it possible to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from dispersed devices connected to the internet. In addition, it provides a platform to collect, process, analyze, and visualize data from devices in real-time, which will enable operational efficiency and consumer-oriented information sharing. 

Using data from its IoT platform, manufacturers will be able to improve operations, anticipate problems, and develop rich device models. That way, businesses can scale automatically in response to real-time changes and industry standards. Jasmy is working to make the future brighter. 

Jasmy Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Investors are clearly not afraid to hold on to Jasmycoin price prediction from a technical trading standpoint even as the coin goes through the bear market. After all, adoption, which is a key driver of token prices, continues to look healthy. Here is a summary of recent price movements: 

Month Open Price Closing Price Month High
April 2022 $0.035184 $0.018132 $0.035309
March 2022 $0.018001 $0.035172 $0.048975
February 2022 $0.045939 $0.018012 $0.046398
January 2022 $0.085437 $0.045957 $0.093614
December 2022 $0.166043 $0.085437 $0.184931
November 2022 $0.120706 $0.165963 $0.330359

The question here is whether Jasmy can bounce off the current support area to trigger a 2700% rally to its all-time high. It is approaching a significant retracement level at $0.01201, a make or break point that will determine the actions of traders and potentially invalidate a bullish Jasmy price prediction.

Source: TradingView

Jasmycoin is at a significant point in its recovery after the bear markets of early 2022, and it could be preparing to establish a new leg-up. For such a forecast to materialize, a bounce off the midpoint of the decline will be the determining factor that decides the directional bias JASMY will take. 

Between 1st January and 1st May, Jasmy coin crashed approximately 80% and set a range low at $0.01207. This move was followed by a 377% ascent that set the range high at $0.05047. As JASMY kick-starts its pullback, there is a good chance for a jasmycoin price prediction that retests the 50% retracement level of $0.2502. 

This level is a crucial support level for Jasmycoin and needs to hold for an upswing to emerge. Considering the bullish outlook seen in the bitcoin price chart, which tends to influence the rest of the market, there is a high probability that this move will occur sometime in the coming months.

Jasmy Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

A bounce off the 50% barrier will likely propel Jasmycoin to the range high at $0.05047. However, there is a good chance that the run-up here will stall at $0.020 to collect the liquidity resting around this area before the bulls can finally make a decisive move on the resistance barrier. 

Jasmy Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

In a shorter time frame, any upside potential will likely be capped at the range midpoint and would be a good place for investors to step in and charge at the resistance barrier. Once a breakout is confirmed at $0.050, the bullish Jasmy price prediction will have been validated. 

On the other hand, there is also another chance that Jasmycoin’s price could breach the $0.012 barrier and drop lower to sweep the liquidity resting below. In such a case, a daily candlestick close below $0.012 that is not accompanied by a swift recovery will validate a bearish Jasmycoin price prediction. 

Jasmy Price Prediction: Market Opinions

As the market enters a new month, the opinion on Jasmy coin price prediction 2025 is up, but the question is whether it can last long enough for investors to book profits. The technical indicators point to open solid and flashing green signs. Here are some popular Jasmycoin predictions: 

Jasmy Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts Jasmy’s price prediction teases a reversal but suggests investors should brace for a dip lower as the buying opportunity comes to a close. The Jasmy price forecast for May – June eyes a retest of $0.01790 before a significant comeback if jasmycoin can keep it together and shatter the demand zone.


CoinArbitrage is taking a long position on its Jasmy price forecast for May – June. While the forecast is bearish at $0.01471, the long-term thesis for jasmycoin suggests the dip might not be so sour after all for investors but a sign of a closing window of opportunity before a big leap northwards. 

Jasmy Price for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Jasmycoin’s price prediction suggests the coin might head lower to open up new opportunities for sidelined buyers to get in on the action. While bearish, this Jasmy price for the rest of the year does not completely disqualify a bullish outcome from where it stands at $0.00231.


DigitalCoin pronounces a bullish fate for Jasmy coin, suggesting the coin has enough juice to mount a reliable rally within the year. Should JASMY break the barrier on $0.0232 and convert into support, a move for $0.0264 would be most likely Jasmy price for the rest of the year. 

Jasmy Price Prediction for the Next Year


PricePrediction Jasmy coin price prediction 2025 is $0.20, but a critical step in this development takes place towards the end of 2023 when the token crosses over to $0.1. In this case, the Jasmy price prediction for the next year is $0.092, which will be validated with JASMY breaking $0.077.


Gov.Capital suggests investors sell and get as far away from jasmycoin as possible if its Jasmy price prediction for the next year is to materialize. The forecast is bearish, suggesting a swift recovery will follow Jasmy if it loses its foothold, which could see it dip lower to $0.00482. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Without_Worries offers a buy-the-dip outlook that hints at the potential of earning up to ten times the current value of jasmycoin. Furthermore, the forecast suggests traders should ignore all the bearish signals as a rally driven mainly by the liquidity resting below the support floor could lead to an upswing for Jasmy price prediction.  

Saver0 jasmycoin price prediction has no signs of slowing down and targets 40% gains next once the cryptocurrency clears the dangerous path and takes up a steep correction. Considering the massive bullish sentiments, the current bear market is simply an opportunity for buyers to accumulate. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Jasmy

Jasmy is moving fast to consolidate as much market share, given that the startup has had a late start in the IoT scene. The startup recently announced a collaboration with the Mystiko Network to help bolster user data protection in the realm of IoT – both on-chain and off-chain. 

Being a Japanese startup, Jasmy is keen on capitalizing on the mature consumer electronics industry in the country and across south-east Asia. This vision is evident from the leadership team that is largely made up of veterans from the largest brands in the region.

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Jasmy Price Prediction: The Verdict

At the end of the day, Jasmy looks attractive from a long-term, value investing perspective as it carries an attractive yield potential. In addition, the recent bear market is a passing threat to Jasmy price prediction, making this token the beat-down token to bring growth potential to a balanced portfolio. 


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